Between April and June 2015, Eunjeong Soh conducted interviews of 25 North Korean refugees living in South Korea on a variety of issues related to everyday life in North Korea. In this round of interviews, the year of defection of the refugee informants varied widely. Some of them had lived in North Korea until recent years (2012-2014). The trend of defection has changed in a way that refugees spend less time in China, as they pass through China only as a transition country on their way to South Korea. The focus of the interviews was given to her ongoing research topics: private farming, trade and health care. An additional attention was paid to the narratives of refugee informants on their relationship with local state officials, in particular, law enforcement officers, in conducting trade activities.

While in Seoul, she attended numerous seminars on resettlement experiences of North Korean refugees in South Korea.

She also followed Ohmynews press team visiting Gwangsan county in Gwangju where new ways of innovative education, employment and welfare projects are being experimented.

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